What is Visualisation

"The power of the unaided mind is highly overrated. Without external aids, memory, thought, reasoning are all constrained" - Norman Kent (American Psychologist)

Why Visualisation?

Data visualisation is the representation of data in a graphical or illustrative format. Some of the most popular forms of data visualisation are dashboards, which are mostly used in business, and infographics which are widely popular online.

Storing huge amounts of data, or as it’s known “big data”, is today easier and cheaper than ever before; this means that organisations of all sizes are able to collect and store all the information they need for their business.

Once this data is collected, the next step is often referred to as “Business Intelligence”: putting the data to use by reviewing and analysing it. That’s where visualisation software comes in: it creates pictorial representations of your data and makes it easier and faster to analyse information and take decisions; sometimes it also helps you uncover trends and make predictions.