Tableau Training

Master your data analytics

As a Tableau partner since 2009, Albatrosa draws upon our extensive consulting experience in various industries, including Banking, Financial services, Broadcast and Telecoms to deliver focused training.

Our main differentiator is that our courses are delivered by consultants who are also subject matter experts. They draw on their years of experience in installing, setting up and using Tableau to train your team.

All our courses cover theory supported by a great emphasis on hands-on work using practical examples.

Types of training

As one of the most intuitive data visualisation tools out there, Tableau is a pleasure to learn, but it’s also very powerful and versatile, so we’ve carefully developed training programmes to ensure our clients know how to use the full features of the software and in the best possible ways.

Onsite Training

Training courses delivered onsite are the most cost and time effective for our clients. They are best suited for large groups and we tailor the training to deliver the best value and provide the best start to our clients’ experience with Tableau.

Virtual Training

Our virtual classroom mirrors onsite classrooms: interactive and hands-on. We use a variety of technologies to ensure we are compatible with your organisation’s IT and video conferencing setup.

One-to-One (on site or virtual)

This type of training is meant to fit a specific individual’s schedule and preferred learning style.

Because it’s so flexible, it can be delivered over a period of time versus entire days of learning. Our clients in this category also enjoy the ability to deep dive into specifics.

Courses on offer

Tableau Basic

This course is designed for novice and intermediary Tableau users who work with data regardless of their technical background. The course teaches key concepts to build smart and beautiful Tableau visualisation. It covers:

  • Navigate the Tableau canvas
  • Joins and data preparation
  • Connecting live versus extracting
  • Dimensions and measures
  • Building views
  • Quick table calculations
  • Calculations and parameters
  • Filters
  • Hierarchies
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Story points
  • Distributing content

Tableau Advanced

Tableau looking to further expand their knowledge and become experts at Tableau.

  • Build advanced chart types and visualisations
  • Build complex calculations
  • Advanced statistics
  • Advanced parameter applications
  • Data connection techniques
  • Advanced interactive dashboards
  • Visualisation best practices
  • Optimising workbooks for performance

Bespoke Training

The beauty of working with a specialised consultancy like Albatrosa is that our favourite approach is Bespoke. We find that a training course is most effective when it is tailored to a client’s specific needs. We’re very happy to develop Tableau training courses that focus on your organisation’s data. We have delivered many bespoke courses over the years using client or relevant manufactured data.

NEW: Tableau 2021.1 Training

Want to get up to speed on the new features of Tableau 2021.1? Our express Tableau 2021.1 course covers:

  • Desktop
  • Site administration
  • Server administration

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