About Us

About us

Albatrosa specialises in big data analytics and visualisation. Our team's fresh perspective is founded on proven expertise through our work at firms such as KPMG©, Accenture©, Atos© and Fair Isaac© and backed by world-class solutions.

Our list of clients includes some of the word's largest banks as well as small to medium businesses. We've forged alliances with leading technology vendors including Apple©, Microsoft©, Qlik© and Tableau Software© to deliver a host of consulting services with a particular focus on financial services and telecoms.

Albatrosa represents the world's two leading visualisation software: Tableau Software and QlikView. Both solutions offer interactive data visualisation which empower users to drill down into charts and graphs to view more details or get new data on the fly. Both these solutions work on desktop and mobile devices.

But our expertise doesn't stop here, many of our customers use other solutions and we've worked with them to develop solutions based on software such as SAS, and Hadoop.

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